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KENKODOJO -Multi Berry Juice-(30 cans)

KENKODOJO -Multi Berry Juice-(30 cans)

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Every can is packed with polyphenols! This is a dark beverage with a refreshing, invigorating aftertaste. Made from four different kinds of berries, “Multi Berry Juice ” provides concentrated goodness in the form of a wide range of polyphenols. The deep purplish red color reflects the many different polyphenols contained in the drink, including anthocyanin. Highly concentrated, but refreshing to drink!

  • People who want to stay fit and healthy.
  • People who experience a lot of stress.
  • People who want to stay looking young

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“Multi Berry Juice”― is a refreshing beverage with tangy, sweet flavor that contains 200mg of fruit polyphenols.

Like vegetables, fruits are a rich source of nutritional value, but they also contain important polyphenols that cannot be obtained easily from vegetables. Sunstar identified four types of berry that contain the most useful polyphenols out of a total of around 4,000 different polyphenols. These polyphenols, each of which has its own special benefits.

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Experience the health benefits for yourself – Polyphenols

Fact 1: Berries are a great source of polyphenols

The ingredients in Sunstar’s “Midori de Salana” include eight different types of green vegetables and two types of fruit. This enables “Midori de Salana” to provide a superb nutritional balance, combining the special benefits that each variety of vegetable or fruit offers.

Part 2: With its four types of berry, “Yottsu no Berry no Megumi” has achieved an impressive ORAC value!

By blending different berries together, “Yottsu no Berry no Megumi” has achieved a very high ORAC value of over 6,000 per 160g can of juice. *ORAC: ORAC is the abbreviation for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, which is a measurement of food and beverage products’ antioxidant capacity. Research reports published in the U.S. indicate that consuming foods with a combined ORAC value of around 3,000 – 5,000 per day has health benefits.

Why drink “Yottsu no Berry no Megumi”?

Although many people are aware that they don’t eat enough vegetables, it probably doesn’t occur to most people that they may not be eating enough fruit. Fruit’s benefits in terms of helping people stay young and healthy are well-known. Besides vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, fruit also contains polyphenols, which people can obtain from fruit but which are difficult to obtain from vegetables. Each can of “Yottsu no Berry no Megumi” is made by blending around 100 g of carefully-selected berries. Because the drink is made using berries, approximately 200 mg (per can) of polyphenols can be easily obtained. “Yottsu no Berry no Megumi” is highly recommended for people who don’t get enough fruit in their diet, and people who want to stay young and fit.




The polyphenol is made from carbohydrates, that plants produce during photosynthesis, which partially changed.


Yes, you can drink it hot. However, when you heat the can it could be damaged or even broken, so it is very dangerous. Before heat it up, please remember to transfer the content of product to another container.


There is no sugar. It contains the fructose and sweeteners (acesulfame pomtassium and sucralose).


You can take 100g of fruits with 1 can.


Nutrition facts and Ingredients Information

Principal Ingredients Blueberry, cranberry, black currant, grape, raspberry
Nutrients 【Per one can】 Energy: 57kcal, Protein: 0~0.5g, Fat: 0g, Total carbohydrate: 14.2g, Sodium: 0~10mg, Potassium: 108mg, Polyphenols: 200mg【Other elements】 Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin C ※depending on production season, it may occur small changes in written nutrients.
Additional Information • Since the product contains Vitamin K and potassium derived from fruits and vegetables, please consult your doctor if you follow the restriction of foods intake containing large amount of these element. • Made in Japan