Our Origin

Kenkodojo Origin

“Sunstar Shin-Shin KENKODOJO” (Sunstar’s Mind and Body welfare facilities) was created in 1985, with the idea that health-related business employees firstly should be healthy. This facility is aimed to improve the among its employees human innate health power. This philosophy behind “Shin-Shin KENKODOJO” is then used in the development of Sunstar’s health products. The “KENKODOJO Series”, consisting of brown rice and vegetables, was thus born to promote healthy living that could be easily practised in a delicious way in the comforts of one’s home.

Increasing ‘Awareness’ and ‘Interest’ towards one’s health by experience

Sunstar has, for many years, encouraged its employees’ regular checkups so as to detect and treat diseases early. While it is important to treat diseases early, what is more important is to build a strong, healthy body so that one does not fall sick easily. With that in mind, the “Shin-Shin KENKODOJO” (Mind and Body welfare facility) was set up in April 1985. At Shin-Shin KENKODOJO, you will experience three curricula – Nutrition, Body, and Mind – based on the late Dr. Mizuo Kouda’s advice. You can learn more about your daily habits and how you can change to have a healthier lifestyle.

Hint for “Nutrition” from ‘delicious’ green juice, brown rice and vegetable diet

The Nutrition curriculum, which can be considered as the core aspect at Shin-Shin KENKODOJO, is based on brown rice, vegetables and having small meals. Meals served at Shin-Shin KENKODOJO do not use any animal ingredients such as meat and eggs, and are low in calories (about 1200 calories a day). But it will still be filling while providing all the nutrients of brown rice, seasonal vegetables and soybeans, which can control cholesterol levels. The meals served will correct the problems of over-eating and Western pattern diet.


Breakfast – 1 glass of Aojiru (Green Juice).

Breakfast consists of only one glass of KENKODOJO’s original freshly-ground Aojiru (Green Juice), a rich and delicious juice made from vegetables and fruits. Vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals in the fruits and vegetables,which can be low in our normal daily meals, can be absorbed more easily as they have been blended in the mixer.


“Oishii”, meaning delicious, is the motto of the brown rice and vegetables diet.

An example of dinner served at Shin-Shin KENKODOJO with Aojiru which in total provide about 580 calories. Because “it has to be delicious for it to continue”, there are about 500 original recipes of brown rice and vegetables prepared in Japanese, Western and Chinese styles. Each meal is carefully prepared to appear appetising and taste good.

A healthy mind, not only a healthy body to enjoy life

Nowdays, people experience a lot of physical and mental stress. At Shin-Shin KENKODOJO, you will experience daily-life practicable exercise, such as all-body exercise, walking, hot and cold baths, and the fun ball exercise, you will begin to notice an improvement in your body and movements’ habits. In addition, with the zen meditation taught by the priest of Daitokuji Ryosenan temple, you will learn to relax your body and mind. The original curriculum at Shin-Shin KENKODOJO focuses on the harmony between your body and mind to become healthier person.”


Zen Meditation (Spiritual Rest)

Meditation is a relaxation method, where you can be free from daily matters by concentrating your mind on meditation and putting away other distractions from your mind.