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The mechanism of the body is amazing; it is able to respond immediately to any sudden changes in the body through the appropriate chemical reactions. If the blood sugar level suddenly rises, a large amount of insulin is secreted from the pancreas to restore it to the normal value. However, if such reaction continues persistently, the pancreas will be exhausted over time.  The normal function of the pancreas may be affected and this could lead to an increased risk of diabetes.


To avoid such a situation, it is suggested to eat foods that do not increase the blood sugar level suddenly. Bad carbohydrates are one of the main cause for sudden rise in blood sugar level. Some examples of food containing bad carbohydrate include white sugar, white rice, white bread and so on.

It is advisable not to consume large amount of carbohydrate on an empty stomach. Besides reducing intake of foods that greatly increase blood sugar level, the order of eating during meal is also important. Start your meals with vegetables first as they do not increase the blood sugar level, followed by foods containing proteins (tofu, fish, meat and so on), and lastly, carbohydrates. It simply means eating your salad or greens first, as an appetizer, followed by main dish, and finally, rice. Even if you eat the same things, changing the order of eating can help to make your body healthier.