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Do you know that your blood vessels age too? As we age, our blood vessels will start to lose its elasticity which might lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. However, the ageing of these blood vessels is greatly influenced by lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise and smoking habit. As diet greatly affects how your circulatory system develop, this article will discuss more on how to improve your daily life.


Salt and cholesterol as enemies of blood vessels

Excess salt in your body can trigger a chemical reaction that makes you thirstier. As you ingest more water to maintain the concentration of fluid in your body, your blood vessels will start to get damaged due to the water pushing through the narrow passage.

Meanwhile, although cholesterol also plays an important role in your body, it is important to maintain the balance of HDL/LDL concentrations. If not, lumps will start to form in your blood vessels, which will increase the risk of vascular diseases.


Vitamin minerals and dietary fiber ready to aid blood vessels

Potassium found in vegetables and fruits has the effect of releasing excess sodium out of the body.

Vitamin C and E are known in preventing oxidative damages of blood cholesterol, which improves blood flow and restores blood vessel wall.

Another thing to note is that dietary fiber, also found in vegetables and fruits, is effective in reducing the rise of blood sugar level following a meal. As such, it will not cause the body to produce excessive amount of insulin, which reduces the pressure on blood vessel wall.

Adding plenty of vegetables and fruits to your daily meal will not only improve your appearance, but also the youthfulness of your body.