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People tend to assume that women are more inclined to feel cold, yet research studies have indicated that it is not unusual for men to feel cold either. Even though it is common to feel cold, you should realize that this phenomenon might cause a more serious issue.

“Coldness” is said to have several stages. When your body temperature drops, blood vessels will start to constrict and slow down the circulation of blood and lymph fluid. At this point, excess water and waste could not be expelled from your body, which causes swelling.

If this condition persists, your nerve signals will automatically direct the heat to be kept on your important organs, mainly the brain. Therefore, your body will be in an unbalanced state, as your upper body is warm, yet your hands, feet, and toes are cold.

Don’t worry! There are some remedies that can help you address this problem.



Dressing properly does have extra benefits

It is unavoidable that you traverse in and out of a cold room filled with air conditioners into the scorching outdoors in a tropical country. This extreme difference in temperature will make you tired, as the autonomic balance and blood circulation in your body goes bad.

Wearing extra clothing will prevent your skin to be exposed directly to air conditioners. Body parts to cover include ankle, wrist and neck as they are more vulnerable.

Let your body do the job

Muscles are the best heat generators in your body, and that’s why people with less muscles tend to feel cold more often. This does not mean that you have to do vigorous workout every day, but light exercises in between your daily routine is enough to relieve these cold symptoms.

Consumption of cold foods and beverages can cause body temperature to drop internally. Internal organs will then be affected which will hinder proper digestive function. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from cold foods and beverages.

Stress-relieving shower

It does not take much time to indulge in a warm shower! A warm bath brings various benefits such as relaxing muscle tension and improving blood circulation in your body, and also helps you to sleep better. Try soaking yourself in a bathtub with warm water once in a while to help release the cold.


To improve your immunity against the cold, acupuncture is also recommended. Two important areas are “Sacrum”, which is at the bottom of the backbone, and “Tanden”, which is just below the navel. A warm stomach helps you feel more relaxed so feel free to try it!