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At Sunstar Dental Clinic, children work as Junior Dentists with the theme of “Be a dentist at home, supporting the family’s health,” giving diagnosis and treatment, and showing how to brush teeth properly, using real dentist’s chairs and equipment. The realistic role-play helps them to understand the importance of regular visits to the dentist and that of tooth brushing. In addition, the experience will encourage children to develop interest in oral care and have a sense of responsibility for their family members’ health too. Children who visited Sunstar Dental Clinic smiled and said, “It was a little bit difficult, but I could perform treatment properly!”



Sunstar Dental Clinic was opened at KidZania Singapore in 2016 as a form to support the Singaporean children oral health. In addition, Sunstar also plans to support the activities of the Pre-School Oral Health Promotion Programme implemented by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore, and to participate in the joint promotion activities conducted in KidZania Singapore



KidZania Singapore is an 81,000 square feet kid-sized indoor City where kids aged 4 and above are empowered to live out their aspirations as they activities, KidZania Singapore gives kids a unique platform to develop important life skills that are not easily learned in school such as social interaction, goal-setting, independent decision-making, financial literacy and more.

Packed with realistic elements, KidZania cities even come complete with moving vehicles and a functioning economy with our very own currency. KidZania Singapore is also the first KidZania City to feature a full-winged Boeing 737 fuselage and the first to be located on an island resort. Beyond renowned international brands, KidZania Singapore also has a mix of familiar local brands to give guests an authentic KidZanian experience that is true to Singapore’s heritage and culture.

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