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Berries are often used to produce jams and fruit wines. The word ‘berry’ means “a soft, small, edible fruit without seeds or kernels”. There are many different kinds of berries in the world, and they can generally be identified by the word “berry” in its name such as blueberry, raspberry and blackberry. They can also be identified by their red, blue or purple colour, which is caused by anthocyanins, a type of polyphenols widely known for its health benefits such as antioxidant properties.

Anthocyanins are also said to help improve tired and blurred eyes. In this modern age where eyes could get easily tired from using electronic devices such as computer and smartphone, the use of anthocyanins has become more popular among people in the field of ophthalmology (relating to eye diseases).

So how can you enjoy these nutritious berries? Besides eating them just as they are, you can also add them to salads or cereals, or blend them with low-fat yoghurt to make a smoothie. You can also mix berries with other ingredients to form different types of sauces.